Course 1: Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals (2½ days)

The Fundamentals workshop is the first core course in our Co-Active Coaching® curriculum. The focus for this course is on introducing coaches to the Co-Active® model and the fundamental skills of coaching. Whether you are interested in using coaching skills in your current profession, considering a career in coaching, or just wanting to improve your communication with the important people in your life, Co-Active Fundamentals has something for you.

Course 2: Fulfillment (3 days)

In this course you will develop skills for helping clients discover their unique values, identify self-defeating influences, and create their own vision for a compelling future. Fulfillment coaching is about helping clients to let go of preconceived rules and limitations and to step into what truly brings them alive.

Course 3: Balance (3 days)

In the third core course, coaches learn to assist their clients in developing new perspectives and creating a plan of action grounded in commitment. Because people live in constant motion, it’s easy to forget that we have a choice in everything we do. Balance coaching is about guiding clients toward making powerful life choices and selecting the experiences they want most, rather than dashing about either at the mercy of circumstances or trying to “have it all.”

Course 4: Process (3 days)

In this course, coaches learn how to help clients work through emotionally-charged issues and to understand that, although uncomfortable, chaos, confusion and inertia are part of a client’s forward motion. Process coaching is about being with clients wherever they are on the flowing river of their lives, allowing them to more fully know themselves, and helping them to develop an enduring life purpose statement.

Course 5: Synergy (3 days)

The final core course focuses on integrating coaching skills learned in previous courses and taking Co-Active Coaching to a higher level of impact and professionalism. It provides polish, depth and courage to better respond to a wide range of clients and coaching situations with creativity, confidence and power. Synergy coaching relies on intuition to create ‘in the moment’ rather than applying staid techniques or rules.

100% Money-Back Fundamentals Guarantee

We are very confident that you will find great value from our Fundamentals core course and want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to embark on your Co-Active Training Journey.

If after attending the entire Fundamentals course you are not completely satisfied, we will send you a full refund and cancel your course package registration with no penalties of any kind assessed. All you need to do is request a refund in writing within 30 days of course completion.

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